a-ha 来日公演中止のお知らせ


しかしながら日本政府により、オミクロン株に対する水際措置強化の一環として、11 月 30日以降当面1 か月の間外国人の入国を停止するという措置が取られ、同措置がいつ解除になるか、さらには外国人の入国再開への具体的な指針が示されておりません。




2022年1月13日(木) 福岡市民会館
2022年1月15日(土) TOKYO DOME CITY HALL
2022年1月16日(日) TOKYO DOME CITY HALL
2022年1月18日(火) 愛知県芸術劇場大ホール
2022年1月19日(水) グランキューブ
2022年1月21日(金) TOKYO DOME CITY HALL
2022年1月22日(土) 静岡市民文化会館



Announcement of cancellation of the A-HA Japan Tour

For a-ha Japan tour in Jan of 2022, we were supposed to grant Special Permission for the visa is suance as a case with special exceptional circumstances. We were working on its application, but due to the omicron variant’s aggressive spread worldwide, the Japanese government has suspended all entries of foreign nationals for a month from Nov 30 as a part of the emergency precautionary measure from a preventive perspective against the Omicron variant and this has put our aforementioned application on hold. No further guidelines or specific plans for the easing of this restriction are announced yet and no words on whether the government will start taking “special exceptional circumstances” cases again soon or not either. While all the governments offices
will close for the holidays, under this current uncertain circumstances it’s highly unlikely to obtain visa in time and also hard to assume that this emergency measure against the omicron variant will be lifted before the tour considering more omicron cases are being found in Japan everyday. Therefore as much as we’d like to carry on we have no choice but to cancel the tour.
After the series of postponements, we are very sorry to deliver the news, but we’d feel more terrible to ask you to keep holding on to the tickets for another postponement in this uncertain situation and we sincerely appreicate your kind understanding.
Nonetheless, A-HA are very looking forward to coming back to Japan in the near future, so as soon as the situation is changed, we’ll work on setting a new tour and hoping to deliver the good news to you all.

Your tickets will be refunded at your poinst purchase during the refund window, Dec 24th-Jan31st.
(Please kindly note that the refund is only available during the set dates above and no refund can be accepted after)
Please refer to Creativeman’s website for further details of the refund process.